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Android App For Your Site

Published In The Android Market!


Android has taken a large share of the mobile market and users are flocking to more sites everyday on their mobile devices...Why not give them access in an "Application" way to yours!

iComNow can put your site not only in an Android App...but also in the Android Market so that more users can find your site, gain more and free advertising, and gain a whole new aspect for your online presence!

Check out our most recent release of a new social site familyfaces.me that we designed, built the app, and published to the android market:
Join a social site based around family. With familyfaces.me you can share your family images, video's, and stories with other family members or friends. Including sharing music, list items in the family market for sale, and much more. Connect and share with your facebook friends and invite them to your familyfaces.me area. See it Live in the Android Market

Pricing Info: For A Limited Time

  • Basic app with your site (as it is now) AND with app published in the Android Market -for just $39.95
  • Customized WebView so that your site is scaled to the android device screens - + $9.95

You can have your sites Android App up and running for just under $50.00

Contact us today to get started or buy yours now!

Enter Your URL
Allow 3-7 days for your Android App to be completed and 1-2 days after completion to be live in the Android Market
iComnow Android Apps for your site. Wordpress, Mingle, or any web design.

Get Social with iComNow Android App for Wordpress Mingle or any site! We can help you design, promote, and package your online presence. Custom design, scripting, logo and graphic creation, and so much more. Visit us online at http://icomnow.com orhttp://istore.icomnow.com

This is our first UI design for our Android App. A new design will be released shortly.

iComNow Android App for your site iComNow Android App for your site iComNow Android App for your site

As Always...Thank you for visiting a iCom Now branded site!

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